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PBX Plus Comparison and Review

PBX Plus Review


  • Free international phone numbers
  • Free 800 toll-free number
  • Smart system (ACD) queuing for incoming calls
  • Low overage rates
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Works with softphone (i.e. a computer used as a phone)


  • Conference calling not available
  • Internet Fax feature not available


While PBX Plus' 125 Minutes plan has an effective price per minute of $0.08, there are competive plans which offer more minutes for the same price. For $9.99 per month, you receive 125 minutes and unlimited extensions. They offer a 30-day free trial to test their service. They offer Find Me/Follow Me (which sets forwarding rules) and an auto attendant (which is a custom menu that directs calls), as well as voicemail-to-email and voicemail alerts. You can save unlimited voicemails for up to 60 days. PBX Plus'  phone, email and live chat customer support is high quality.


PBX Plus' 125 Minutes plan provides an unlimited number of extensions for $9.99 per month. This translates to about eight cents per minute, meeting our Market Standard for per minute cost. PBX Plus also offers a 3000 Minutes plan for $99.99 per month.

Phone Numbers

PBX Plus will provide you with a local number, an 800 number, or an international number for free included with your monthly payment. Vanity numbers require a one-time payment of $50. They can also port a number you own into their system for a $50 setup fee.

Online Interface

PBX Plus provides a high quality online interface and a setup wizard to help you get started. All Virtual PBX services provide an online interface with which you can customize and monitor your phone system. Through the interface, you can access call logs, make a blocked call list, download recorded call, store contacts, or set specific handling rules such as forward a call, send a call to a menu, and send a call to voicemail.


PBX Plus stores voicemails online for up to 60 days.  You can download your voicemails or receive them via your email account. PBX Plus also offers text transcriptions of voicemails for 25 cents for every two minutes transcribed.

Call Handling

PBX Plus offers Find Me/Follow Me call handling capability, which allows a series of numbers to by dialed in sequential order until the call is picked up or goes to voicemail. One of the main functions of a PBX system is to set rules on how calls are handled when your number is dialed. While on a call, you can start recording the phone call, transfer the caller to voicemail, or place the call on hold all using just the keypad on your phone. PBX Plus also offers both call screening and a Do Not Disturb feature, which allows you to turn an extension off when you are out of the office or too busy to take calls. You can also define how long your auto attendant waits until automatically routing a caller. PBX Plus offers high quality audio, and this service can even integrate with softphones, which are computers being used as phones.  

Conference Calling, Internet Faxing, and Mobile Apps

PBX Plus does not offer conference calling, which does not meet our Market Standard. PBX Plus does not provide smartphone mobile applications, but they do offer Internet fax service, which does not meet our Market Standard for send and receive Internet fax.

Customer Support

PBX Plus offers high quality phone customer support Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST. PBX Plus’s website does not offer discussion forums.


Reviewed Plan

125 Minutes

Monthly Fee


Annual Prepayment Discount


Extra Fees

None Found

Included Minutes


Activation Fee


Free Trial

30 days



Overage Fee


Highest Minute Plan



Included Phone Number

Local or 800, 866, 877, 888 Toll-Free

800 Numbers


Vanity Numbers

$50 setup fee

International Phone Numbers


Port Existing Number Into Service

$50 setup fee




Voicemail By Email


Find Me / Follow Me




Internet Fax


Conference Calls


Call Handling Rules


ACD Queues




Mobile App


Customer Support

Customer Support Hours

M-F 9a-6p PST