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iTelecenter Comparison and Review

iTelecenter Review


  • 500 included minutes (our Market Standard is 150 minutes)
  • Smart system (ACD) queuing for incoming calls
  • Mobile app available for iPhone and Android


  • $15 activation fee


Offering 500 minutes and ten extensions for $19.95 per month, iTeleCenter's Basic plan gives you a high number of monthly minutes and a typical number of extensions when compared to ChooseWhat's Market Standard.  However, they charge a $15 start-up fee and their free trial length of 14 days is also rather low. iTeleCenter's customer support is average, and they offer phone chat support Monday through Saturday during regular business hours.


The Basic plan offered by iTeleCenter costs $19.95 per month and includes ten extensions and 500 minutes. The per-minute cost is 4 cents, which is inexpensive for a virtual PBX service. They do not offer an annual prepayment discount. They also require a $15 startup fee, which is not typical for hosted PBX services. Their highest level plan includes 5000 minutes.

Phone Numbers

iTeleCenter provides a local number or toll-free number with their service, which meets our Market Standard. 800 numbers, vanity numbers, and porting your number into their system all require a $25 setup fee. International numbers are not available.

Online Interface

iTeleCenter has an average online interface and has a setup wizard to help get you started. The online interface gives users the ability to manage and control their account. They have comprehensive call logs and they allow you to make a blocked call list. You also have the option to record your calls. You can make an online address book but cannot import contacts from Outlook. You can set specific handling rules such as forwarding the call, prompting the caller with a go to menu, and putting the call on hold.


You can store voicemails for up to 60 days with iTeleCenter. You can opt to download or receive voicemails via email and they offer text transcriptions of voicemails for $10 extra per month

Call Handling

iTeleCenter offers Find Me/Follow Me call handling, which is a feature that forwards incoming calls to all of your different phone numbers until you are reached. One of the main functions of a PBX system is to set rules on how calls are handled when your number is dialed. While on a call, you cannot block a caller using just the keypad. However, you can transfer the caller to voicemail, start recording the call, and place the call on hold using just the keypad. They offer call screening and Do Not Disturb, which allows you to ignore all incoming calls. You can set up an auto attendant, or custom menu, for callers to decide where they need to be routed, but you can’t define how long someone waits in a queue before the system reroutes them. You can use your PBX system to make phone calls when outside of the U.S. iTeleCenter’s audio quality is average and appeared to be clear and without static.

Conference Calling, Internet Faxing, and Mobile Apps

iTeleCenter lets you make conference calls, and they are not billed on your monthly minutes.  iTeleCenter offers moderator features and provides a reference guide for conference call moderator shortcuts. They also offer an Internet fax service that lets you send and receive faxes. They have mobile applications available for iPhone and Android users.

Customer Support

We found iTeleCenter's customer support to be average when compared to all other virtual PBX services. Their phone customer support hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET and on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. They have an FAQ section as well as tutorials, but these are not searchable. They also do not have forums where customers can go to ask questions.


Reviewed Plan


Monthly Fee


Annual Prepayment Discount


Extra Fees

None Found

Included Minutes


Activation Fee


Free Trial

14 days



Overage Fee


Highest Minute Plan



Included Phone Number

Local or 800, 866, 877, 888 Toll-Free

800 Numbers

$25 setup fee

Vanity Numbers

$25 setup fee

International Phone Numbers


Port Existing Number Into Service

$25 setup fee




Voicemail By Email


Find Me / Follow Me




Internet Fax


Conference Calls


Call Handling Rules


ACD Queues




Mobile App

iPhone and Android

Customer Support

Customer Support Hours

M-F 9a-7p ET